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PA Omnibus 2nd Ed

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017

coverOkay, so I swore up and down to myself that I was done with Pact Arcanum, that I would finally stop trying to polish away the flaws of my first book. But, after it was done, I continued to poke away in different directions, writing extra scenes, additional story fragments, but never enough to release another whole book.

Then came the Interscission Project, and I set the Pact Arcanum Saga aside. Now that I am halfway through the fourth and final book of the Interscission Project, I decided I needed to take a break and recharge with an alternate project. Consider it an author’s holiday.

I looked back through the additional stories I had crafted, I realized that some were worth sharing, if I had a larger work into which I could incorporate them. Still not enough for a complete book, but they could be supporting players.

So I incorporated them into the Omnibus, and republished it as a revised and expanded second edition. The ebook should hit Amazon in a day or so, and it’s a monster (427,354 words – about 1200 pages). I figure I added about 10,000 words, which isn’t much given the size of the text, but hey, why not?

I might also release it as a four-volume paperback set, but I want to see how the new illustrations reproduce on paper first. I figure it will make a good conversation piece at the occasional convention I go to, though the real importance is to see whether Audible will allow me to rerecord alternate versions of my existing audiobooks, using a voice actor that is better known in my genre. That would certainly expand my audience, and hopefully my name recognition.

Anyway, I spent the whole weekend on it, from beginning to end, and now, it’s done. Perhaps a futile exercise, but it may have actually put me in a better frame of mind to return to my existing projects.

Arshad Ahsanuddin

To My First-time Readers

Sunday, July 27th, 2014


I’ve posted about this a couple of times before, but it’s a common criticism from MMR (Male/Male Romance) readers that the story of Sunset (Pact Arcanum Book 1) isn’t romantic or sexy enough, just as SciFi readers criticize the story for having too much of a focus on romance.  The complexity of the timeline is another common complaint, and mainstream romance readers even object to the story being “too explicit” and “gratuitous” in its fade-to-black handling of gay sex.  The difficulty in writing a cross-genre story is that it does not fully conform to the narrow constraints of established genres, and so its placement in any particular genre becomes problematic.  Currently, I tell people it’s non-explicit gay paranormal space opera, and just let them make up their own minds.

Unfortunately, most of the character backstory that validates the romantic elements is in Sunrise (Book 2), because I made a conscious decision to concentrate on plot and action in Book 1, which is why Sunset starts in the middle of the story and gives some people headaches.  If I had left those elements in, the first book would have been on the order of 1000 pages long, which would have generated even more problems.  It also created the need for flashbacks in the first book to cover backstory material that was contained in the second book, which added to the complexity of the storyline.  These flashbacks are therefore largely absent from the other books in the series.

The Integrated Omnibus edition reformulates the entire series into a linear storyline, without flashbacks.  Readers who found Sunset too dry or convoluted might find that version more to their taste, if they have an interest in reading the rest of the story.


Arshad Ahsanuddin

Pact Arcanum Update

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Okay, time to get serious for a minute.  I think there’s no viable reason to maintain two versions of my work, just because it can be challenging to keep up with the timeline I created.  I feel I should choose one story to represent me and then move on to other things.Cover Gallery X

I have decided that going forward, the five books of the Pact Arcanum Saga (Sunset, Sunrise, Moonlight, Starlight, Cathedral of the Sky), and the boxed sets thereof that I have just created, will be the edition that I choose to stand behind.

Therefore, the integrated serial and omnibus editions, currently available in EPUB format from the Apple iBookstore and Kobo, will be discontinued at the end of January.  Anyone who wishes to get copies of those editions should buy them now, as they will be gone come February.


Arshad Ahsanuddin

Pact Arcanum Update

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

I know I said I’d wait until the end of the year before making a decision on whether to discontinue the Serial Edition or the Omnibus Edition, but I decided on a compromise that could be implemented right away.

Pact Arcanum Omnibus Edition cover art

The Omnibus Edition is much too long to ever be formatted into a print edition, and the Serial edition has so many books that it crowds out the ebooks that actually sell.  Therefore, I decided to discontinue the Serial Edition ebooks, in favor of the Omnibus edition ebook.  The Serial Edition paperbacks will remain available, in case anyone wants them.  So the Integrated text will be available as an ebook in the Omnibus format, and as print books in the Serial format.

Also, I raised all my ebook prices back to their previous levels ($4.99 for the novels, and $3.99 for the novella) as the drop in price over the last few months has done nothing to compensate for the summer doldrums.  The Omnibus edition therefore, remains a good deal (about 41% of the cost of buying the individual books separately).

As for The Red Wind serialization, we are fast approaching the last completed chapter, and I will have to sit down and finally write some more.

We’ll see how that all moves along.  Nothing to see here…



Arshad Ahsanuddin

Pact Arcanum Omnibus

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Witness the Pact Arcanum Integrated Ultimate Omnibus Edition, which contains the text of the entire Serial Edition in a single volume.

Pact Arcanum Omnibus Edition cover art

It’s been five months since the Integrated Serial Edition first went live. I thought it might increase the appeal of the books by making them short but sweet, just more of them. Now it’s time to try the opposite experiment, by compacting them into as small a footprint as I can, all in one file. Economically, it will be a cheaper buy for you folks, if you want to have it all in one place. As with the Serial Edition, the Omnibus Edition is a chronologically linear redesign of the original text, without the flashbacks that some people find so confusing.

I will be posting the Omnibus edition immediately, to see how it does in contrast to the Serial edition. If there is a significant difference by the end of the year, then I will discontinue one and proceed with the edition preferred by readers.

In the end, there can be only one.

Props to Jayant Mall at J Labs for his cool cover artwork. It was originally designed for the Comic Book edition, currently in development, but THAT will be a story for another time.



Arshad Ahsanuddin