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Working Book Cover5a5 starsSci Fi appeals to me but I need intelligent Sci-fi and this author gives it. This was a page turner!! A must read!

–Jason Huffman-Black at Goodreads.com


5 starsArshad is so skilled at world building and character development that he pulls an emotional investment out of me that no other sci-fi writer has been able to accomplish….Zenith is chock full of action, mystery, suspense and yes, romance! Though most of the sex happens off page, I was not left feeling its absence. There is so much emotion, suspense, and adventure built into the story there isn’t much time to miss the hot sex, though there is a nice scene for that as well. ;) Overall, this story is well-rounded and amazingly written; I plan to recommend it to everyone I know, whether they are sci-fi fans or not. I bet this series can have them rethink the genre…

–Laura Papp, Rainbow Gold Reviews


5 starsOk, ok, ok, this book, this story, thisssssss is the kind of science fiction that gives the genre its name in every sense, PLUS characters drawn to levels of complexity that get me excited. Excited. Add in authentically surprising twists and we have a genuine trifecta of reading experience awesomeness.

 –Lirtle, Prism Book Alliance


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…the ambitious, grand-scale, science fiction backdrop and labyrinthinely plotted storyline was impressive, to say the least.

–Paul Goat Allen, The Best Vampire Fiction Releases of 2011

Sunset is an amazingly detailed look into the society of meta-humans living hidden in North America.  I usually don’t enjoy vampire books, but this one is an exception…When a terrorist threatens to nuke L.A. Nick, a Daywalker, reveals himself and exposes the hidden society to the world.  Arshad Ahsanuddin has created an intricate political structure involving all three races.  The vampire society is divided into houses that all have alliances and enemies as well as Nightwalkers hating Daywalkers and Sentinels killing all vampires regardless (outside of the alliance).  The story is action filled and intense.  This book is fantastic and I cannot wait to read book two and book three (this summer hopefully).  Read Full Review

– Review by Scott Poe, posted on indiebookblogger.blogspot.com

If I could, I would give this 10 out of 5 stars – this is one of the most amazing things I’ve read in … a long time. I was initially intrigued by Arshad’s description in our forum that it was a “gay vampire” story – but it is SO much more than that. It is a romance of unbelievable beauty; it is an adventure, full of thrills, excitement and terror; it is a science fiction story, part space opera, and has elements of self-sacrifice for the greater good; it is about vampires, and magic-users and humans and how difficult it is for everyone to try to live together – but how wonderful it is when they do. It is about redemption, hope, love and growth. It is … AMAZING. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. READ MORE

–Review by Katy Sozaeva, on Now Is Gone Blog

It is amazing how the author has taken the concept of vampires and turned it into something completely different from the usual vampire books….What I liked most about the book is its hypnotizing, overpowering sense.  The story is so gripping that you cannot but finish the book soon. It was honestly so difficult for me to pry myself apart from the book. Everytime I picked up my e-reader,and started reading,  I could feel myself being sucked into the story. I wasn’t aware of anything in my surrounding during these blissful moments of reading.  Read Full Review

–Review by Mia, posted on bookaholic412.blogspot.ca

Wowsas! I didn’t see this one coming. I read about Sunset:PA in a Goodreads forum, where it was described as a “gay vampire romance.” Well, this book is that, but so much more! Sure, there are vampires, and there is gay romance (very understated, though), but it’s also a sci-fi/cyberpunkish/sword and sorcery hybrid, too. There’s an epic battle between good and evil– except the good guys frequently err on the side of not-so-good and the bad guys often find a measure of redemption. Sunset is action-packed and violent, but also has a really tender side, too. It has all the elements I like in the books I read for pure enjoyment. READ MORE

–Review posted by Emme Adams on bitchfactor10.blogspot.ca

After reading this book, the first thing that comes to mind is how the title is appropriate and it really does feel as if they rode into the sunset. However, this book has nothing to do with cowboys. Instead, there’s little of the paranormal world which it doesn’t include. Vampires, shifters, justice fighters, protectors, magic and advanced technology; at first glance, an impossible combination but one that will stir every reader’s imagination and leave you asking – What just happened? Yes, the book is that good…The tension and the anticipation actually made me bite my nails as I not-so-patiently waited to see how the drama would play out, who would win in the duels and what next intrigue would tickle my curiosity and make me read faster. READ MORE

–Review posted by Valentina Heart at The Romance Reviews

The action in this book starts from the very moment you open the book.  And it doesn’t let up until the very end…The characters were wonderfully three dimensional.  One of the great things about them was that the protagonists had a bad side to them and the antagonists also had some good.  Because when you think about it, nothing is truly black or white and that comes across in this book. READ MORE

–Review posted by N. W. Wills at Wakela Runen’s World

4 starsI did enjoy the way the plot twisted and, whilst you thought you knew who the villains were, the book occasionally throws a spanner into the works that makes you second guess what you thought you knew.  READ MORE

–Review posted by Dan at Pandragon Reviews

One of the best written vampire novels I have read in quite a while. Ahsanuddin has created his own world in an overused genre without the reader feeling like they are reading an overused genre. This “first” in the series jumps right into this world feet first and never lets up on the reader.  READ MORE

–Review by A. Robbins III, at freebookreviews.blogspot.ca

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ForeWord Clarion Review of Sunset

Ahsanuddin creates an intricate, fascinating vampiric society.  His fragile ceasefire between the supernatural races is well-grounded.  In a refreshing change from many alien invasion tales, in which humans and newcomers attempt to destroy one another, the author offers the possibility of human acceptance of the supernatural beings.  Payst’s illustrations of the various supernatural insignia draw readers further into Ahsanuddin’s fantastical world…Ahsanuddin’s romantic, futuristic, suspenseful page-turner will entice readers into the ingenious world of Sunset.  Read Full Review

– Review by Jill Allen

Kirkus Indie Review of Sunset

A blend of epic fantasy, visionary science fiction and homoerotic romance, the first installment of Ahsanuddin’s Pact Arcanum series breathes new life into the vampire mythos with a grand-scale story about the existence of metahumans and what transpires after these superpowered beings are forced to unveil themselves to humankind…Like the Nightwalkers featured in this wildly ambitious and richly storied vampire epic, the novel is dark, intriguing and unfathomably complex.  Read Full Review

–review by indie@kirkusreviews.com


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I was again sucked in by the great storytelling of Arshad, in a literary world that is overflowing with vampire nonsense these books stand out as unique and worthwhile reads. READ MORE

–Review by Scott Poe, IndieBookblogger.blogspot.com

This second book in the Pact Arcanum is a prequel to Sunset, providing us a more in-depth look at many of the events that led to the events in that novel. We see the origination of the Armistice, the early days of Nick’s career, his budding friendships and relationships that exist later in his life, his descent in the darkness of addiction and his friends’ attempts to help him rise back up again. We also get a bit more of a look at some of the players in the Court of Shadows, the Nightwalkers….The Pact Arcanum is becoming a friend – the world and character-building that Arshad has put into this story is so amazing, I can’t even explain properly. You have to read it – it is so many things, so much more than a gay sci-fi vampire story.  READ MORE

–Review by Katy Sozaeva, on Now Is Gone Blog


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ForeWord Clarion Reviews

The events in Sunrise, the second book in the series, take place before the events in Sunset, the first book in the series. This may be confusing to some readers, but it doesn’t diminish the entertainment value of the books or the force of the series’ narrative. What is unforgettable about Sunrise is how artistically the author, a hematopathologist, transcends genres to create a seamless marriage between horror, science fiction, fantasy, and gay literature. Read Full Review.

–Review by Lee Gooden

Kirkus Indie Reviews

Ahsanuddin melds the elements at his command with powerful literary alchemy. Eloquently written, the words more than the tale shape the romantic flow of this adult story as the members of Nightfall struggle to understand their gifts and the drama of their new lives. This prequel to Ahsanuddin’s first novel Sunset takes readers on an engaging trip into the dark underworld of desire and power—a foray written with sharp clarity and passion. A sweeping fusion of fantasy elements, boiled to perfection.  Read Full Review.

–Review by indie@kirkusreviews.com


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Arshad continues to write masterful plot twists and imaginative characters….a great book and I can’t wait for the next installment to be released!  READ MORE

– Review by Scott Poe, posted on Indiebookblogger.blogspot.com

After an intense three days reading these books, I’m left rather adrift – these are so well-crafted that one is completely inside the world while reading them, and there is a resounding silence in my ears now that they are done….I am still amazed by this series and the worlds that Arshad Ahsanuddin has created in them. READ MORE

–Review by Katy Sozaeva, at Now Is Gone Blog


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Kirkus Indie Reviews

The third installment of Ahsanuddin’s epic Pact Arcanum saga—an utterly readable fusion of apocalyptic science fiction, political thriller and vampiric fiction—is loaded with jaw-dropping plot twists and bombshell revelations that will stun fans of the series….Science-fiction fans and dark-fantasy aficionados will find Ahsanuddin’s meticulously described grand-scale narrative absolutely spellbinding.  READ FULL REVIEW

– Kirkus Indie Reviews

ForeWord Clarion Review

Moonlight is well written and highly creative. This is the third book in the Pact Arcanum series, and author Arshad Ahsanuddin has created a rich and complex world full of magic and political intrigue. The Daywalkers and Nightwalkers are vampires, and Ahsanuddin has taken the vampire mythology in a completely fresh direction, organizing them into Houses with strong traditions and religious beliefs….Additionally, the characters are compelling and believable, and the dialogue is very well done.  READ FULL REVIEW

–Review by Catherine Thureson

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If you still haven’t experienced the Pact Arcanum, I highly recommend you do so, now that there are four books and a few short stories and novellas out there to feast on – because trust me, once you get started, you’ll want to immerse yourself into these books. This is not “Twilight for gay men,” but a rich story that is developed perfectly and will appeal to a wide range of readers – fans of vampires, space opera, near-future sci fi, magical reality, and so forth….I spent a lot of time during the last 20 percent of the book crying, but it was a good thing – bittersweet tears, some out of sorrow, some out of joy. I’ve mentioned in previous reviews that these characters have become real to me – I would love to know these people. I think it is a real sign of talent for an author to create that kind of devotion in a reader, and I can’t praise these books highly enough. If you have not yet experienced the Pact Arcanum, after all my raving about them, what’s keeping you? Go, read them!

–Review by Katy Sozaeva, at Now is Gone Blog

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Cathedral of the Sky

Cathedral of the Sky

4 starsIt just kept surprising me with all the unusual elements and fantastic world-building. It also has an epic grandeur in the writing style where it manages to make the elements fit and feel believable. READ MORE

–Review by Eladio at the Gay Romance TBR Pile

Ever since first reading the little bit of information about Michael Danvers in the earlier Pact Arcanum novel, I’ve been fascinated with his character and wanted to know more, which was why I was extremely psyched with Arshad Ahsanuddin started writing this novella….Fans of the Pact Arcanum, you don’t want to miss this latest in this wonderful series! Highly recommended! READ MORE

–Review by Katy Sozaeva, at Now Is Gone Blog

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