Blog Tour de Troops Wrap-up

Thank you to the Indie Book Collective for organizing this event, and to everyone who participated by leaving their comments! Your sentiments were greatly appreciated.

It was inspiring and humbling to be part of this experience, and to see the outpouring of support that was offered by both commenters and authors. Whether you believe in war or not, we have come together and honored those who have been called upon to fight in our names. I hope this small gift of entertainment offers some cheer to those brave men and women, and lifts their spirits during their grim work.

All commenters should have received an email with the link to the Smashwords edition of Sunset, and a coupon code for a 100% discount.  If you haven’t received yours as yet, please check your spam filters.  Those of you who download and read the book, consider offering me feedback, either through the CONTACT form, or by posting a review to,,, etc.

I hope to hear from all of you again during the planned event in the fall for Veteran’s/Remembrance Day.


Arshad Ahsanuddin


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