eBooks on Flashcard

When I sell at cons, I usually offer the option for people to buy my books as ebooks on physical media, i.e. a wafer flashdrive.  FlashcardHowever, I wondered, for those who don’t attend the cons, is this something that people would want?

The Pact Arcanum flashdrive contains all five books of the Pact Arcanum Saga, and sells for $15 US.
The Interscission Project flashdrive contains the first two books of the trilogy, Zenith and Azimuth, and sells for $10 US.

If you’re interested in purchasing one online, send me an email from the Contact page of my website (http://pactarcanum.com/contact/) listing the items and quanitity you want (also, whether you want them autographed), and I will send you an invoice.

Arshad Ahsanuddin

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