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Comic Book #1 fund

Friday, September 20th, 2013

<shameless plug>

Announcing a new IndieGoGo crowdfunding effort aimed at creation of a Pact Arcanum comic book!

Issue Zero Art IGG placeholder


For millennia, the Sentinels have hunted the vampires with steel and magic. Antonio is the Wind of Fire, the strongest Sentinel of that element, the most powerful spellcaster of his generation. Edgar is a capable Fire Sentinel in his own right, and serves as Antonio’s lieutenant. Together, the two of them were chosen for a very special mission: to scout out the vampires’ greatest citadel, the Court of Shadows itself, in preparation for the Sentinels’ final assault. Their actions that night will set in motion a destructive chain of events that will echo across supernatural society for generations…

Issue Zero is already complete, and serves as a template for design of the next issue, Issue One.  Only your support will allow me to bring this pilot project to fruition.  If it pleases you, take a look at the perks I offer, and decide if you wish to contribute to fund the project.  Alternately, suggest a perk that WOULD convince you to contribute, and I will see if I can arrange it!  I aim to please.

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Arshad Ahsanuddin