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A Note on Story Structure

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

They say to always start with action, and in media res, i.e. to begin in the middle. That way, you engage the reader’s attention, while tantalizing with hints of the backstory of how the main characters reached this point. I debated with myself many times as to where to begin the story. My first editor recommended that I start with Sunset, as the opening incident was a perfect start to the story. Other readers castigated me for not beginning with Sunrise, and charting the traditional everymen on their road to uniqueness. Everyone had an opinion, and naturally, theirs was the only right approach. One reader went so far as to say that ideally, both books should be read before the other. I waffled back and forth myself, changing my mind several times regarding which book should be first. In the end, I went with in media res, beginning the story with Sunset. As a compromise, however, I decided to publish Sunset and Sunrise simultaneously, with the caveat that should a linear storyline be desired, then Sunrise could be read first, according to the reader’s preference. (more…)

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

And so we begin again. Long live my new revamped website. Thanks to Monkey C Media for all their hard work!

For those who are joining me for the first time, welcome to the party. I will try to be a gracious host.

This has been a long and educational journey, beginning in October 2009, when I sat down to write out a story that I had been playing with in my mind for about ten years. It was supposed to be practice, you see, a simple exercise to get into the mindset of writing so I could write out the novel I had been planning for twenty years. I never planned for it to be anything more than that. I certainly never thought it would be something I would show to anyone else. The best laid plans, eh? (more…)